AVX400 Electrolysis System Permanent Hair Removal Machine Improves Laser & IPL Results.

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Fully programmable economy unit. This system is the best choice for the serious-minded home user and comes standard with all transdermal electrolysis supplies.

Like the 300 unit, this will perform all Transcutaneous and No-Needle Electrolysis procedures but comes standard with a fully programmable treatment timer. Set the appropriate treatment time, press the start button and relax (which substantially reduces the risk of over treatment). 

Fully-adjustable precision electrolysis power system comes with all of the following features:

--Precision jeweled panel meter, 120 Volt or 220 Volt input, five wall plug options, and a 1 year total-coverage warranty.
--Safety features: Auto calibrated 5000uA maximum with overload protection. 100% DC
--Foot switch compatible.
--Electrical Output Range: 300K to 22,000K µV (10V-6).
--Intensity, Output Range: 0.01-5,000mA (0-100 ω)(10A-3).

Deluxe Transcutaneous Electrolysis Accessory Kit: (contains all items shown). One pair of double-shielded galvanic tweezers, 1X4 inch stainless steel anode with attachment assembly, long-life chamois swab electrode, 1 hands-free electrode clip, 1 easy-connect patch electrode assembly (pigtail lead), one reusable 4X4 inch deluxe patch (20 adhesions average per patch), two reusable 2X2 inch deluxe patches, four reusable 1X1 inch deluxe patches, 3 Oz. supply of high viscosity electrolyte gel, 2 Oz. supply of low viscosity (thin) electrolyte gel and the Transcutaneous Textbook "Cosmetologist's Guide to Transcutaneous and Conventional Electrolysis". All in one convenient, ready-to-use kit.

This kit will perform all of the Transcutaneous Electrolysis procedures including: galvanic patch, swab, tweezers and clip applications. Gel and electrolyte quantity sent in the kit is sufficient for 3 months of use for the average customer.