IPL350 Spider & vericose vein treatment removal machine for legs, face, nose, best for women & men

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To be used for Vascular and Vein Treatments but the system can be used for a wide variety of skin conditions. Comes with beauty treatment machine, protective eyewear, instructions. 6 oz supply of Vascular treatment filtering gel. Permanent spider vein removal machine, no side effects, low cost sclerotherapy no surgery. Used in clinics for therapy and treatment of varicose veins. Also approved for ablation for at home use. Reduction of veins is achieved very fast, before after photos show actual clients. Very safe and effective on facial, nose, forehead and legs. No pain, no post care considerations needed. For dermatologist and salon as well as personal use.

If you are serious about spider vein removal, this is your system. Professional grade results in a compact and affordable home use machine.

  • To be used for the purpose of vascular and spider vein reduction procedures.
  • Also approved for varicose, spider vein removal, broken capillaries.
  • Best Home or Salon Use Machine.
  • Works on 110 to 240 Volts. 1 Year Warranty.